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Dive Computer Cressi Drake Titanium
Kode : 34235
Deskripsi :

  1. Garansi pada jam komputer selam mengikuti keputusan & ketentuan pabrik atau distributor dari merek tersebut dan keputusan yang mereka buat adalah mutlak / sah.
  2. Garansi untuk jam komputer selam tidak termasuk dengan ongkos kirim pulang pergi ke pabrik & biaya bea masuk pajak saat barang kembali ke Indonesia (walaupun dalam keadaan masa garansi).
  3. Sebagian merek jam komputer selam memiliki kebijakan garansi yang berbeda, jadi mohon tanyakan dahulu sebelum membeli semua tipe pada jam komputer selam.

  1. The warranty of the dive computer is following the decision & procedure from the factory or the distributor of that brand and the decision that they made is valid.
  2. The warranty for dive computer isn't incld with the shipping cost round trip to the factory & custom tax cost when it's returning back to Indonesia (even if it's still under warranty).
  3. Some brands of dive computer has different warranty policy, so please ask first before buying all types of dive computers. 

The Cressi Drake is a revolutionary diving computer that not only gives information about deep diving, but with its special four programs it can also assist the diver in dynamic breath hold diving, static breath hold diving and underwater fishing. In fact, in its operating system the diver can choose between these four programs: The Pro program is particularly suitable for diving purists and extreme divers. It provides, among other information, the descent speed, ascent speed and total speed, duration of descent and ascent, Time Ratio" between immersion time and the surface time (constantly updated), medium data and the useful function of Recommended Recovery Time for safety, set by the user for the prevention of Taravana. The Free program provides easy reading of and access to data. It is suitable for sea-running and underwater fishing and provides the necessary information on the most visible part of the display. By limiting the accessory data that characterize the program, Pro helps the diver to focus on the more practical aspects of the discipline. The Dynamic program is for those who are training or practice the discipline horizontally. It has a special tank counter and has the ability to memorize training tables with times expressed in increments or decrements. The Static program totally controls static breath hold diving, both for training and for performance.

This Cressi Computer also makes a great casual timepiece for everyday use. The computer is at home in the office as it is underwater. The watch function can be set for a 12/24-hour time format with minutes and seconds. The Drake Titanium has a dual time function, daily alarm function, a calendar function, precision chronograph with split time function and lap time. Computer has backlighting for easy reading in low light or night conditions, history and logged dive function that is PC compatible. The computers units of measure can be set for imperial (feet/°F) or metric (meters/°C). The computers maximum depth readout is 394' (120 meters), is equipped with a user able 3 volt CR2430 battery and comes with an owner's manual.

Cressi Drake Titanium Spearfishing Computer Features

  • Cressi Drake Titanium Spearfishing Computer
  • Revolutionary Diving Computer
  • Special Four Program Design

PRO Program:

  • Suitable for Diving Purists and Extreme Divers 
  • Provides; Descent Speed, Ascent Speed and Total Speed 
  • Duration of Descent and Ascent 
  • Time Ratio" Between Immersion Time and Surface Time 
  • Medium Data & Useful Function of Recommended Recovery Time for Safety 
  • Set by User for Prevention of Taravana

FREE Program:

  • Easy Reading of and Access to Data 
  • Suitable for Sea-Running and Underwater Fishing 
  • Provides Necessary Information on Most Visible Part of Display 
  • Limits Accessory Data that Characterize the Program 
  • Helps Diver to Focus on More Practical Aspects of Discipline

DYNAMIC Program:

  • For Training or Practice Discipline Horizontally 
  • Special Tank Counter & Ability to Memorize Training Tables 
  • Times Expressed in Increments or Decrements

STATIC Program:

  • Totally Controls Static Breath Hold Diving 
  • For Training and Performance
  • Great Casual Timepiece for Everyday Use
  • Computer is At Home in the Office as it is Underwater
  • Watch Function: Set for 12/24-Hour Time Format w/Minutes and Seconds
  • Dual Time Function and Daily Alarm
  • Calendar Function
  • Precision Chronograph w/Split Time Function and Lap Time
  • Backlighting for Easy Reading in Low Light or Night Conditions
  • History and Logged Dive Function, PC Compatible
  • Units of Measure: Imperial (feet/°F) or Metric (meters/°C) Programmable
  • Maximum Depth Readout: 394' (120 meters)
  • User Replaceable 3 Volt CR2430 Battery
  • Owner's Manual
Rp 10.204.000,-
Rp 5.999.000,-

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